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40+ Frequently Asked Ruby on Rails Interview Questions and Answers 2023

They are useful for conditional logic such as creating a linked contact record when creating a user record. MVC (Model-View-Controller) is the software design pattern that Rails is built on top of. Passing symbols opens the possibility of several attacks in your system. The symbol garbage collector collects the symbols which prevent your system from several attacks. The Rails router recognizes URLs and dispatches them to a controller’s action.

Ruby on Rails developer interview questions

First, we ask some general questions related to the Rails framework. Second, we want to see what the developer knows about routing, controllers, and views – the main parts of any business application. Asking you about caching in a Rails application is a way to gauge your understanding of performance optimization. In a real-world scenario, applications often suffer from performance issues as they scale up. Therefore, it’s essential to understand how to implement caching mechanisms to improve the speed and performance of a Rails application. This question gives hiring managers insights into your problem-solving skills, technical knowledge, and awareness of best practices in Rails development.

Mention what the difference is between false and nil in Ruby?

Not only does this help you work out the answers beforehand, but it can also help you identify any areas or skills that you need to brush up on before your interview. While using Active Record, you have to no longer deal with database constructs like tables, rows or columns. Your application only deals with classes, attributes, and objects. They can be deployed directly in case the methods are not integrated with the lifecycle of the object. It is possible for the users to attach the observer to any file and perform the reverse action by the user.

Ruby on Rails developer interview questions

For example, if there’s an issue with a method that calculates the total price of an order, I can call this method directly in the console to see its output. I’d also use built-in Rails features like CSRF protection which helps protect against cross-site request forgery attacks. Normally, the target class of an ActiveRecord association is inferred from the association’s name (a perfect example of “convention over configuration”).

Explain some of the looping structures available in Ruby?

Developers use Spring as a preloader for applications to speed up development. They can use it to keep the app running in the background when running tests, rake tasks, or migrations. With Spring, developers don’t have to restart the server when they make changes.

Ruby on Rails developer interview questions

With such a cracking team of instructors, Interview Kickstart is a powerhouse of expert knowledge and guidance on how to nail tech interviews. For example, a social site where users can comment on videos, photos, links, status updates, and more is possible with the polymorphic association. Without polymorphic association, you would have to create an individual comment such as photos_comments, status_comment, and so on. It is a form of hacking attack where the hacker submits a page request to another website on your behalf. In Rails routes, mount serves the equivalent of a Unix mount and is mostly used for Rails engines.

What does “skinny controllers, skinny models” mean?

It allows for the creation of tasks and dependencies between them, which can be executed from the command line. Once confirmed, use Ruby’s ObjectSpace module to analyze objects during runtime and find out where excessive memory is being used. The client specifies the desired version via a custom media type or a version parameter in the Accept header. Low-level caching can also be used for complex queries or calculations. It stores the result of such operations so they only need to be performed once.

If you are an experienced Ruby programmer, you should be prepared for advanced Ruby on Rails interview questions. To ace your tech interview, you must practice the following important Ruby on Rails interview questions with answers. You can protect any application from CSRF attacks by adding the “protect_from_forgery” command to your Application Controller. Concerns are particularly useful when you have shared functionalities across multiple models or controllers. For example, if you have several models that require similar validation rules, you can extract those validations into a concern module and include it in each of the models. This approach reduces duplication and allows for easy updates or modifications.

Explain Rails migration

When this method is invoked, Rails requires a CSRF token to be present in all non-GET requests (such as POST, PUT, or DELETE). This type of attack can lead to unauthorized changes or disclosure of sensitive information. Another gem is ‘globalize’, used when model data needs to be translated. It creates separate tables for each locale storing translated versions of your models’ attributes. To internationalize a Rails application, I would use the built-in Internationalization (I18n) API. This allows for translation and localization of the application into different languages.

  • Ruby on Rails keeps track of what objects are being used by the program rather than the programmer.
  • It interprets URLs and dispatches them to a controller’s action, essentially serving as a traffic cop for requests.
  • Here are five vital advanced Ruby on Rails interview questions from the section above and answers top candidates are likely to give.
  • CSRF is a form of attack where hacker submits a page request on your behalf to a different website, causing damage or revealing your sensitive data.
  • They provide the necessary structure and framework to organize and manage tests in Rails applications.

It is basically an approach with the help of which the users can make the changes to the already existing database Schema in Ruby and can implement a version control system. The main aim is to synchronize the objects to get quality outcomes. Symbols are generally immutable whereas the String in ruby is mutable. The users can easily keep up the pace with a single copy of the symbol. On the other hand, a single variable is not sufficient for the users.

For instance, if you’re running a news site, the articles don’t change once they’re published but are viewed multiple times. Caching these articles reduces database queries, thus improving performance. In this article, we delve into a comprehensive list of interview questions focused on Ruby on Rails. These questions are designed to challenge your knowledge about this popular framework, covering everything from basic concepts to more advanced topics. This question is posed to evaluate your technical knowledge and your ability to develop and maintain robust APIs.

It is possible to override this default behavior, though, and specify a different target class. Doing so, it is even possible to have relationships between two objects of the same class. When responding to this question, candidates shouldn’t get confused between delete and destroy. They should be able to explain that delete deletes a record, whereas destroy both deletes a record and executes any callbacks on the model. We at RubyGarage want to share our knowledge about how to interview a Ruby on Rails developer. Since our main purpose is to sell great code, we require great coders.

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